Redefining the possibilities of a Dash Cam



Revolutionary new features

The award-winning Nextbase 522GW redefines the possibilities of a Dash Cam  at this price. With ground-breaking new features, including Emergency SOS Response and Alexa Voice Control, as well as 1440p HD recording and a built-in polarising lens, the 522GW is a must-have for those looking to protect themselves on the road. 

Built-in polarising filter

Reduce windscreen glare and reflection

The 522GW is fitted with a polarising filter to dramatically reduce windscreen glare and reflection. It uses a rotating bezel, so you can set up the lens exactly how you need in your vehicle.

3" HD IPS Touch Screen

An all new touch-screen panel

With a 3" HD IPS Touch Screen, the 522GW provides the ultimate user experience. Dash Cam menu selection, playback and file sharing is made easier and slicker than ever before.

1440P HD recording

Capture the road ahead in stunning detail

With a continued focus on image quality, the 522GW records in stunning 1440p HD at 30fps. It uses an improved 6G glass lens to capture those extra details on the road, including road signs and number plates.

An SD card designed for Dash Cam use is recommended with this model.

Emergency SOS response      

Alert the emergency services to your location

In the event of an incident where the driver is unresponsive, Nextbase Emergency SOS can alert the emergency services of your location and other crucial details. Pre-saved medical data such as blood type, allergies and medical history will further aid efficient treatment.

The Nextbase 522GW is packed with features

Intelligent Parking Mode

Intelligent Parking Mode automatically senses any bump or physical movement on your vehicle when it is stationary and prompts your Nextbase Dash Cam to record.


Download and share footage to your smartphone or tablet using QuickLink Wi-Fi and the MyNextbase Connect app.

Bluetooth Low Energy

A brand new feature to automatically send crash footage directly to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Minimum phone requirements are Bluetooth version 4.2, Android 8 or above and iOS 13 or above.

10Hz GPS

Record accurate speed and location data using improved 10Hz GPS with the aid of Google Maps.



Please note for this product, a U3 class microSD card is required.


The UK's most award-winning Dash Cams

T3 Awards 2019- Nextbase 522GW

"A master when it comes to the basics"

Honest John Most Popular - Nextbase 522GW

"The most feature-packed Dash Cam on the market"

Indy Best Buy 2021 - Nextbase 522GW

"Packed with features and boasting 1440p HD recording, the 522GW is a worthy winner of our best buy".

Best Buy Which? 2022 Awards - Nextbase 522GW

"It has everything you'd expect from a Best Buy dash cam; excellent features, high-quality footage and exceptional ease of use."

Discover our rear-view 

camera modules 

What is in the Box?

Click & Go PRO GPS Mount

Exclusive new patented mount design using neodymium magnets.

Power Cable Fitting Tool

To tidily route the power cable at the top of the windscreen in your car.

Spare 3M Adhesive Pad

Should you decide to move your mount to another vehicle.

USB Cable

To connect the Dash Cam to your home computer.

Car Power Cable

A four-metre power cable suitable for 12-24V. Includes removable Ferrite core.

The new Series 2 Dash Cams 

are available now.


Which micro SD card should I use?                               
We highly recommend using a Nextbase branded microSD card with our Dash Cams. These have been built and tested specifically for use with our Dash Cams. For the 622GW, we recommend using a 32GB U3 card. If connecting to a Rear Cam Module, we advise using a 64GB U3 or 128GB U3 card for best results.

32GB U3 micro SD card – This will record up to four hours of footage before looping on a Nextbase Dash Cam, or up to two hours if using a Rear Cam Module. It is compatible with all Nextbase Dash Cams.

64GB U3 micro SD card – This will record up to eight hours of footage before looping on a Nextbase Dash Cam, or up to four hours if using a Rear Cam Module. It is compatible with all Series 2 Dash Cams (excluding 122).

128GB U3 micro SD card – This will record up to 16 hours of footage before looping on a Nextbase Dash Cam, or up to eight hours if using a Rear Cam Module. It is compatible with all Series 2 Dash Cams (excluding 122).

Can I use a Rear Cam Module with this Dash Cam?            
Yes, you can use any one of three optional Rear Cam Modules: the Nextbase Rear Window Camera, Rear View Camera or Cabin View Camera. When connected to the 622GW, front-facing footage will continue to record in 4K, with the Rear cam recording in full HD. The Nextbase Rear Cam Modules are compatible with the following Dash Cams: Nextbase 322GW, 422GW, 522GW and 622GW.
Does this Dash Cam have Intelligent Parking Mode?            
Yes, all models in our Series 2 range have built-in Intelligent Parking Mode. This will automatically record any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended. This setting can be turned on via the menu settings for all Series 2 Dash Cams.
Does my Dash Cam connect to my smartphone?  
Yes, any Dash Cam with GW in its name has wi-fi, meaning you can download footage to your smartphone to view, edit and share using the new MyNextbase Connect app. This is available for free download via Google Play Store (requires Android 8 and above) and Apple App Store (requires 12.1 or later). This is compatible with the following Dash Cams: 322GW, 422GW, 522GW and 622GW.
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