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Easy on the eyes. Easy to use.

With a big touch screen and built-in polarizing filter, using a dash cam has never been easier.

Small yet mighty.
The 522GW fits a great big screen and loads of fantastic features into a tiny package.

Amazon Alexa built-in

Be hands-free

Ask Alexa to get directions, play your tunes, check the weather, control smart home devices, find parking — and even control your Dash Cam

Built-in polarising filter

Reduce glare and reflection

The 522GW’s built-in polarising filter dramatically reduces windshield glare and reflection, so you can capture it all. The rotating bezel makes it easy to set up the lens however you need it.


3" HD IPS Touch Screen

Control at your fingertips

With a 3" HD IPS Touch Screen, the 522GW provides the ultimate user experience. Dash Cam menu selection, playback and file sharing is made easier and slicker than ever before.

1440P HD recording

Grab every detail

The 522GW records in stunning 1440p HD at 30fps and an improved 6G glass lens, so you can capture essential details like road signs and number plates.

*An SD card designed for Dash Cam use is recommended with this model.

Emergency SOS response

Get help in an emergency

In an accident, Emergency SOS tells emergency services where you are, so they can get to you quickly. You can even pre-save data to share with emergency responders like blood type, allergies, and medical history.

Protected even when parked

With Intelligent Parking, your Dash Cam will start recording when someone bumps your car.

Click&Go PRO GPS Mount

Easy to attach

The exclusive Click&Go PRO GPS mount uses high-strength magnets, instantly linking the mount's power source to the Dash Cam.


Easy to connect

With QuickLink Wi-Fi and the MyNextbase Connect app, you can easily download and share footage to your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Share video seamlessly

Select interesting videos to share to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Plus your Dash Cam will automatically send crashes to your smartphone.*

*Minimum phone requirements are Bluetooth version 4.2, Android 8 or above and iOS 13 or above


Record speed & location accurately

Improved 10Hz GPS with the aid of Google Maps accurately records speed and location data.

Discover our rear-view cameras & accessories

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Our most popular option, Pair it with your Dash Cam to create a front and rear dash cam and know you have all the angles covered.

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This camera connects directly to your Dash Cam and records the rear view of your journey, so if there's a rear impact, you'll be covered.

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Capture vehicles beside you as well as your passengers for a complete view of everything that happends inside and around your car.

  • Capture more with 64GB U3 microsd card

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  • Capture more with 128GB U3 microsd card

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Learn more about the 522GW

Packed with features and boasting 1440p HD recording, the 522GW is a worthy winner of our best buy

T3 Awards 2019-Nextbase 522GW

Wirecutter Product Award–Nextbase 522GW

Forbes Best Dash Cam for 2019

Honest John Product Of The Year 2019

GStyle Magazine Product Award–Nextbase 522GW

The 522GW is packed with features

The 522GW is packed with features

Dash Cam Essentials

What’s in the box


Intelligent Parking Mode

Emergency Response



Touch Screen

GPS Tracking

Click &Go Pro Mount

G Sensor

Reflection Free Lens

Wide Viewing Angle

Enhanced Night Vision

Auto Sync

Loop Recording

Wide Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range

Dash Cam Essentials

What’s in the box


Intelligent Parking Mode

Emergency Response



Touch Screen

GPS Tracking

Click &Go Pro Mount

G Sensor

Reflection Free Lens

Wide Viewing Angle

Enhanced Night Vision

Auto Sync

Loop Recording

Wide Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range

Side view of 522GW
Front view of 522GW
Back view of 522GW

At a glance


What’s in the box  

What's in the box 522
Box contents:
Click&Go PRO GPS Mount,Power Cable Fitting Tool,Spare 3M Adhesive Pad, USB Cable,Car Power Cable


Ultimate 2K Dash Cam

When it comes to your dash cam, clarity is key. That’s why the 522GW 2K Dash Cam records in stunning 1440p HD at 30FPS giving you comparable quality to leading TVs and cameras. With a 2K resolution, you can capture even more detail like signs and number plates all with improved contrast and colour range.
Ultimate Dash Cam
4K Road Footage
When a Rear Cam is attached

522GW resolution with a Rear Cam

The 522GW Dash Cam continues to record in 2K even when using another Nextbase module like the Nextbase Rear Camera Module. The Rear View Camera Module records at full HD quality of 1440p HD @ 30fps adding another angle of protection all recorded in superior quality with a Nextbase U3 microSD card.

Emergency Response

522GW Dash Cam Nextbase Emergency SOS

In critical situations where a driver may be unresponsive, the 522GW Dash Cam is there to help. Equipped with Nextbase Emergency SOS, it steps in as your lifeline and takes charge by notifying emergency services of your precise location and approved personal details. This capability proves to be invaluable, especially when navigating remote roads, eliminating the reliance on fellow motorists for assistance.
Emergency SOS Alert

Get help when you need it with the 522GW

The Emergency SOS system operates with precision. Upon detecting an incident, it undergoes a meticulous anti-false-positive master process where your phone enters a 'beacon' mode. If the device remains stationary or goes unanswered, an emergency alert is dispatched promptly.
The emergency alert gives essential information such as GPS coordinates and directions as well as personal details like medical history, blood type, and allergies. This comprehensive package ensures that emergency responders have the critical information they need to help you.
Master Process
Why is it useful?

Why is Emergency SOS indispensable?

The MyNextbase Emergency SOS service becomes your guardian angel in the event of an incident where you're unable to reach out to emergency services. It doesn't, however, trigger alerts for all accidents. Low-speed incidents, for instance, won't prompt notifications, and neither will accidents where the alert process is cancelled before emergency services are contacted.

Touch Screen

Complete control with the 522GW Dash Cam Touchscreen

Control your 522GW Dash Cam with a simple tap with the Nextbase adaptive touchscreen. The touchscreen removes the need for cluttered buttons and helps reduce the size of the dash cam whilst maximising screen size to keep your focus on the road.
Touch screen
Easy Selection

Simple and easy to use

The touchscreen interface drastically simplifies and improves operation. Each option neatly occupies a quarter or half of the screen, making operation a breeze.
What's more, the potential for on-dash-cam editing is incredible. Now, you can effortlessly edit your videos directly on the 522GW Dash Cam itself, enabling you to quickly share your photos and videos.


Hassle-free video and photo sharing on the 522GW Dash Cam

Our 522GW Dash Cam comes equipped with powerful WiFi that simplifies the process of downloading and sharing videos and photos to your mobile device or tablet without having to plug into your PC or Mac. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly share footage with your family and friends, insurance companies or law enforcement.
You can easily share your footage on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or even directly through the Nextbase website. The MyNextbase Connect App serves as your storage hub for all your Nextbase clips, ensuring that you never miss a moment with our wireless dash cam.
Share video and photo files directly

Simplified dash cam integration

You can edit the footage before sending it, simply trim videos, remove audio, and compress files. When sending, the recipient receives a download link, streamlining the entire process.

Keep your 522GW Dash Cam in your car

What's more, you don't need to remove the 522GW Dash Cam from your vehicle thanks to your Wifi, eliminating the hassle of using a PC to view your footage. Conveniently store your footage directly on your phone without the need for SD card removal or cables, saving you both time and effort.
Dash Cam to phone connection
Dual file recording

Dual file recording

For those using 522GW Dash Cam models with higher resolutions, the dual file recording feature is at your disposal. It records both high-resolution for a superior quality version and low-resolution for efficient streaming and sharing, with quick downloads and minimal buffering.

Quick and secure wifi setup

Setting up a Wifi connection is a cinch, as it's established directly between the 522GW Dash Cam and your phone or tablet. This means you don't have to rely on mobile data or hotspots. Enabling Nextbase Wifi is as simple as holding the button for up to three seconds or manually configuring it through the setup menu.
Wi-Fi connection
Please note that Wi-Fi functionality is compatible with iOS (10.3 or later) and Android (5.1 and up) devices. You can download the MyNextbase Connect app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Parking Mode

Car security when you’re not there

The 522GW Dash Cam Parking Mode is a smart feature that records any impact or physical movement around your vehicle while it's parked. You’ll be sent the precise details about when and where your car might have encountered an incident. This invaluable car security system gives a layer of protection, for complete peace of mind when you’re not there.
How does this work?
Turn it 'ON' or 'OFF'

Turn on automatically

You have complete control of the Intelligent Parking Mode with the touch of a button. Once you've parked your car and turned off the ignition, the 522GW Dash Cam seamlessly transitions into Parking Mode, preserving essential functions while disabling others. This leaves only the G Force sensor operational for significantly heightened during Parking Mode performance.

Hardwiring for even greater performance

To maximise the effectiveness of Intelligent Parking Mode, it's recommended to have your Nextbase Dash Cam permanently hardwired into your vehicle. With minimal power consumption while in this mode, the 522GW Dash Cam draws power from its hardwired connection or its onboard battery.
Should your parked car experience any impact, your 522GW Dash Cam springs into action. It automatically activates and records for a 30-second interval before powering down again. If your vehicle encounters a second impact in quick succession, the dash cam will capture both events seamlessly. Your trusty 522GW is poised to be your ally and protect your car when you’re not around.
G Force Assistance

Enhanced Night Vision

522GW Dash Cam Enhanced Night Vision

Pick up the finer details in extreme low light conditions with your 522GW Dash Cam’s impressive Enhanced Night Vision. Capture the likes of road signs and registration plates even at night to give you complete protection, no matter the conditions.
Thanks to the six-layer f1.3 lens and light sensor technology, the 522GW Dash Cam captures and processes with superior accuracy and quality. See more of your surroundings in the dark with the 522GW Dash Cam.
The feature for low-light conditions

Wide Viewing Angle

140 Degrees

140 Degrees

See more of the road with a 140-degree viewing angle

Access the perfect viewing angle capturing more detail of the road ahead with the 522GW Dash Cam’s 140-degree viewing angle.
Nextbase’s comprehensive testing has revealed the 140-degree viewing angle offers optimum images without sacrificing quality which is coupled with our leading cutting-edge lens.
Capture more detail

Loop Recording

Keep recording at all times with the 522 Dash Cam’s loop recording

Loop recording is a key feature of the 522GW Dash Cam, which ensures continuous recording even when the SD card is full. This clever technology automatically overwrites older files as the SD card nears its limit, guaranteeing that your 522GW can always record.
But if something does happen, there's no need to worry about crucial footage being erased. Any files protected by the activation of the G-Sensor or manually flagged with our File Protect will be securely stored and won't be deleted.
What is loop recording on a Dash Cam?
Assorted file segmentation

Digest footage in manageable files

Loop recording goes the extra mile by segmenting files into manageable chunks, each spanning around three minutes. This segmentation makes downloading, transferring, and sharing your footage easy. This feature is especially advantageous with the 522GW Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi feature, simplifying the process of downloading and sharing files.

Format your SD card with ease

To maintain the efficiency of loop recording, it's important to periodically format the SD card. Over time, a buildup of protected files on the card can reduce the 522 Dash Cam's available recording time. As a general guideline, it's recommended to format the SD card approximately once a month. Formatting can be easily done through the setup menu, erasing all files, including those that are protected.
Regular SD card formatting is essential
Dash Cam loop recording time

Complete control over your file size

Organise your files in one, two or three-minute chunks letting you easily navigate through your footage. A 32GB card accommodates approximately two hours of footage, while a 64GB card offers around four hours, and a 128GB card extends the recording time to approximately eight hours.
If you wish to adjust the recording capacity, you can do so by altering the recording resolution or incorporating a rear camera. For example, recording at 720p resolution will increase the recording time compared to recording in 4K Ultra HD.

High Dynamic Range

What exactly is HDR (High Dynamic Range) and how does it work on the 522GW Dash Cam?

HDR is a cutting-edge technology that's all about elevating image quality to new heights while maintaining complete clarity. With HDR, you can expect a significant improvement in contrast, brightness, and colour vibrancy, by capturing multiple images at different exposures.
What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range enhances contrast and clarity for superior image quality. It works its magic by optimising contrast, elevating brightness, and enriching colours.
Bright sunlight

See more even in bright sunlight

HDR technology dominates even during bright conditions. By capturing and merging multiple images with narrower ranges and varying exposures, you’ll capture more detail in both the brightest highlights and darkest shadows.

Exposure Value (EV) differences

With the likes of high-end modern video, Dash Cams’ dynamic range is quantified in exposure value (EV) differences. An increase of one EV represents a doubling of light, while a decrease of one EV halves it. To reveal intricate details in the darkest of shadows, you need high exposures while maintaining clarity in blindingly bright conditions with low exposures. Most Dash Cams fall short of providing this expansive range within a single exposure, thanks to their limited dynamic range, but not the Nextbase 522GW.
Exposure value (EV) differences
So, with the 522GW Dash Cam's HDR technology, you're not just recording events; you're capturing them in vivid, high-contrast, and detail-rich quality, ensuring every moment is faithfully preserved.

Reflection Free Lens

How the 522GW Dash Cam performs in bright light?

Even in direct sunlight, the 522GW’s lens helps cut the glare and balance the contrast letting you capture the finer details like registration plates and street names. The lens and filter have a rotating bezel, perfect for adapting to suit your specific vehicle.
How it works in bright sunlight?
Always capture the very best video quality with the Nextbase Reflection-Free Polarising Filter.

Cut the noise with the 522GW Dash Cam’s polarising filter

When recording video, the 522GW’s polarising filter significantly reduces windscreen reflections, letting you focus on the road ahead without any distractions or noise.


The power and convenience of Alexa Voice Control on the move

Access your Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam without taking your hands off the wheel with the incredible Alexa Voice Control. Play music, check the weather, get directions, and control your home devices, all while keeping your focus entirely on the road.
All the features you love from Alexa Voice Control, on the move
Using your Dash Cam, ask Alexa to play music, read the news, check the weather, control smart home devices and more.

Simply say, “Alexa, play BBC Radio 1” or "Alexa, what will the weather be like in London today?”

Get directions, find parking and more, all while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Ask, "Alexa, how do I get to Manchester?” and turn-by-turn directions will automatically be shown on your smartphone using your chosen map provider.

Talk directly to your Dash Cam with Alexa built-in to use commands such as "start recording", "stop recording", "protect a recording" and "send to my phone".

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

Complete Nextbase & Alexa compatibility

The MyNextbase Skill lets you control your 522GW Dash Cam’s feature. Record video, take photos, protect a file and do so much more with the Alexa Voice Control feature.
All of this while your concentration is fixed on the road, enhancing your safety.
Function What you say

Start recording

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to start recording"

Stop recording

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to stop recording"

Take photo

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to take a photo"

Protect a file

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to take a photo"

Screen saver on

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to turn screen saver on"

Screen saver off

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to turn screen saver off"

Picture-in-picture on (show rear cam)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show rear cam"

Picture-in-picture on/off (show front cam)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show front cam"

Speed display on (show speed)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to show speed"

Speed display off (hide speed)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to hide speed"

Enable audio (microphone on)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to enable audio"

Disable audio (microphone off)

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to disable audio"

Increase video exposure

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to increase exposure"

Decrease video exposure

"Alexa, ask my Dash Cam to decrease exposure"

For more details please see Alexa Skills Page
MyNextbase Connect App– Nextbase Dash Cam Control

MyNextbase Connect App– Nextbase Dash Cam Control

Simply download the MyNextbase Connect app to activate Alexa and start using voice control.

Minimum mobile phone requirements







GPS Tracking

Keep track of your vehicle and the routes you travel

The 522GW Dash Cam’s GPS records your accurate speed and location while you’re driving, letting you keep track of your car. Not only can you see the physical location of your car but tracking the route and speed can be vital evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident, with the details easily sent to your insurance company or the police.
GPS Tracking
Do I need GPS on my Dash Cam?

Why is GPS so valuable with my 522GW Dash Cam?

With GPS, you can pinpoint exactly where an incident occurs, vital if something happens on an unfamiliar road. Accidents are usually stressful situations, making it hard to remember specific details but with the 522GW Dash Cam, you don’t have to.
With your exact speed and location tracked, you can playback your footage to capture an incident, see a registration plate or check a speed limit sign, acting as your own personal witness with 100% accurate information.

On your side with insurance claims

With the exact times, location, speed and your footage, the 522GW Dash Cam becomes invaluable during insurance claims. All the information can quickly be sent to your insurance company making placing the blame quick and straightforward to get you the retribution you deserve.
Your footage is the evidence

Show what really happened to the police

In the unlikely event you’ll need it, you can also send the information to the police and courts from your dash cam. If you’re targetted by the likes of a “crash for cash” scam, your footage can be used to prove you’re not to blame. And it works wherever you are, in the UK or anywhere else.

Keep new drivers safe with GPS

As the 522GW Dash Cam tracks your speed, this can encourage new and learner drivers to follow speed limits. Driving instructors can also check useful details including speed to track a learner driver’s progress and shape driving lessons.
Useful for young drivers

Click&Go PRO Mount

Remove and install your 522GW Dash Cam with ease

Install and remove your dash cam in seconds with one hand thanks to our Nextbase Click&Go PRO™ Car Mount. The mount utilises magnetic power connectors, letting you click it into place without fiddling with wires and clips.
Magnetic Power Mount

Wireless connectivity

The power cable is attached to the mount rather than the 522 Dash Cam making getting connected fuss-free. Unique to your Nextbase Dash Cam.

Auto Sync

Access your files directly on your phone

Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can send your files directly to your phone or tablet, perfect for easy access.
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dual file recording

Convenience and quality combined

The 522GW Dash Cam records two files, one high-quality filled with detail available for download and a lower-quality version, perfect for quick and easy sharing.

Edit and share in a few taps

Once the footage is on your phone, you can edit it with ease and share it, perfect if you need to send the footage to an insurer or the police.
As your 522GW uses Bluetooth Autosync, your phone will also connect as soon as you’re in the vehicle. This means you’re ready to use the Alexa Voice Control and Emergency SOS whenever you need them.
Once on your phone

Minimum mobile phone requirements








Protect potentially vital footage

The 522GW Dash Cam’s G-Sensor is an accelerometer which tracks force applied during an impact. When this happens, your footage will be moved to a protected folder where it can’t be overwritten.
What is a G-Sensor?

Save your footage for when you need it

Even if you don’t realise you need it, when the G-Sensor on the 522GW Dash Cam is activated, your footage will be securely stored. So in the event you realise you need it at a later date, it’ll be there for when you need it.
When activated

Complete control of the G-Sensor

When the sensor is activated, you’ll be shown a padlock on the screen, giving you the peace of mind that your footage is safe removing the need to save the footage manually.

Adapt to your driving

If you’re finding the G-Sensor on your 522 is being activated too often by the likes of speed bumps or potholes, you can change the sensitivity to suit your driving and your specific vehicle.
Triggered by other conditions
How do I calibrate a Dash Cam G-Sensor?

Access directly on your 522GW Dash Cam

All the G-Sensor settings are available on the menu, letting you calibrate or adjust the settings in just a few taps.

Wide Dynamic Range

Superior image quality thanks to 522GW Dash Cam WDR

Multiple images are captured at various brightnesses with the 522GW’s WDR giving you superior quality on bright sunny days or at night. The images are combined to give you the optimal image with the best quality.
What is Wide Dynamic Range?
More details

Enhance the detail of your images

The WDR lets you see more even in dark light, showing more detail. WDR on the 522GW Dash Cam is ideal for capturing the finer details like registration plates and signposts.

WDR also helps the 522GW see greater detail at night, removing reflections from images. Quality and clarity are enhanced, perfect for knowing you have footage you can rely on if something goes wrong.

Combined quality for the optimum image

As multiple frames are combined, you don’t just get the best image, you get a combination of them all. This gives you a higher quality in all areas of an image. Even if you’re driving on a bright day in a shaded area, you’ll see more of each.
Multiple frames combined
The 522GW Dash Cam’s sensors capture a wider range of light, giving you quality at all times, even in challenging conditions.

Setup & install guide