Buying a Dash Cam on a Budget

When we think of dash cams, we often think of the expensive models with a lot to offer as part of a small setup.

These top-of-the-line models are perfect for those professional drivers who want to protect themselves from accidents and provide evidence in the event of any accidents and vehicle incidents such as car crashes.


However, there is always a more affordable option for those who don't need all of the bells and whistles that a top-of-the-range dash cam offers. This is where we then look into the best budget dash cam that fits our requirements and our budget.

When we are talking about a budget dash cam, we are not talking about just having the bare basics that a dash cam offers just for the sake of having one; we are talking about getting the most suitable camera for you that also fits your budget.

There are many reasons you may be looking for a budget dash cam, and this can denote which makes, models, and dash cam features that may be better for you.

Why Would You Need A Dashcam? Depending on your own insurance provider, having a dash cam installed may reduce your monthly premiums.

And if you are in an accident, it can provide invaluable evidence that the incident was not of fault.

Dash cams can increase the speed of any insurance settlements and help you hang on to your no-claims bonus, too (a dash cam can essentially pay for itself in this instance).

Additionally, they're also excellent protection against more unsettling road trends, such as those 'crash-for-cash' crimes, which are increasingly popular nowadays.

Why you Might Want to Buy a Cheaper Dash Cam

There are many reasons you may want to buy a cheaper  dash cam, and often it's more to do with direct need versus the actual price of the technology.

There are always specific dash cams that will fit every budget, so it's best to find the technology that matches as closely as possible depending on your individual need and financial circumstances.

Let's have a look at why you might want to buy a cheaper dashcam.

You Want The Most Features For Your Money 

Wanting the most features for the money you are about to spend is a prominent feature for every consumer in every field of purchasing!

As a dash cam purchaser, getting the most features for your money out of your new dash cam is going to be one of the most important things for you!

While you still might have a budget in mind to spend on your new in-car technology, you may be a bit more flexible depending on what the dash cam offers within its features and extras.

Nextbase 322GW - £109.00


The  322GW is an award-winning dashcam.

It has revolutionary new safety features and can turn on Emergency SOS when you're in a car accident, and can detect bumps and scrapes that may happen when you are not near your vehicle.

The 1080p HD model uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send alerts of your location to the emergency service and connects with other devices through its IPS touch screen display, which enables easy sharing between devices or via the Nextbase app to immediately share images and evidence in real-time.

This would be suitable for a commuter or someone who enjoys a lot of lengthy leisure driving that may go a little off the beaten track; however, this best budget dash cam is definitely going to be for those who are safety conscious in all aspects of driving.

You Need The Dash Cam To Be Simple 

To Use When it comes to technology, there is this notion that even the best budget dash cam designs need to have simplicity at the core to make them more user-friendly to a majority of drivers who may choose to use them.

Suppose a dash cam is incredibly complex to operate and install. In that case, there is always the risk that people will never have trust in their exceptional capabilities.

Nextbase 222 - £79.00


The  222 Full HD Dash Cam with improved lens technology offers 1080p full HD recording and a new Click&Go PRO Mount for low-profile connections.

Installed on the power cable directly into the mount to allow for wireless Dash Cam operation, this product is perfect for everyone's user experience enhancement needs.

When you park, and the ignition is turned off, the Dash Cam will automatically switch into Intelligent Parking Mode by shutting down everything except for the G-force sensor.

It's simple to install and operate while giving the best functions and image recording possible from a budget dash cam.

This would be suited to someone who drives a moderate amount, maybe commutes daily, but someone who does not like complicated technology or installation, as this dash cam is magnetised to the mount easily so you can install and remove your Dash Cam with just one hand!

You Are A First Time Driver

First-time drivers are equally entitled to feel safe while learning how to navigate roads as solo brand new drivers.

An entry-level dashcam certainly does not mean below any high standards you find in some of the higher-priced models; it simply means that the functions are both simple to navigate and the units are simple to install for a better user experience.

Nextbase 122 - £59.00 


The 122 is the newest and best-selling entry-level Budget Dash Cam with improved 720p HD recording on a 4G lens.

It includes Intelligent Parking Mode, keeping your vehicle protected when parked, as well as the new style Click&Go PRO Mount for easy installation and setup.

The Nextbase 122 is ideal for first-time drivers looking to keep their cars safe while driving or parking or those drivers who only drive occasionally and require something that operates on the most basic level to ensure peace of mind on those infrequent drives.


Dash cams can be expensive and may seem too costly for the average person, however, many more affordable models available today can have a lot to offer as part of a small setup and smaller budget.

These best budget dash cam units are perfect for those professional drivers, leisure drivers, commuters, and brand new drivers who want to protect themselves from accidents and provide evidence in the event of any vehicle incidents such as car crashes.

There always is an alternative option if you're looking for a budget dash cam- it's not just about having the bare basics; it's also about finding the most suitable camera that fits your budget best!

There might be many reasons someone would purchase a budget dash cam - this could denote what makes or models work better depending on individual needs and budget!

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