Nextbase supporting marathon RoadPeace fundraiser with Dash Cam giveaway

As one of the Andy Cox 200km Challenge Silver sponsors,  Nextbase is thrilled to offer a huge giveaway to encourage new donations to the charity run in aid of RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims.

Nextbase has been supporting Andy’s amazing fundraiser from the very start, and now we are supporting the final push towards the £50,000 goal by offering the chance to win one of ten 422GW Smart Dash Cams to all supporters who donate. The £129 Dash Cam is one of our safest and most advanced models ever, bringing together Alexa voice control, Intelligent Parking Mode, and Emergency SOS to offer a safer, advanced experience on the road and beyond. With one police officer for 750 Dash Cams, it is a vital tool in ensuring our roads are safe.

Nextbase is the world’s leading Dash Cam brand, and a primary focus for the brand has always been improving road safety and driver wellbeing. As part of the brand’s strong commitment to safer roads and Vision Zero, Nextbase has played a major part in a number of road safety initiatives and partnerships over the last few years, including partnering with RoadPeace on a number of campaigns.

Andy Cox said of the partnership : ‘Public reporting of road crime to police via the use of Dashcam is an essential tool in combating road danger.  It is vital we galvanise the public and empower them to be part of the road danger solution.  The police cannot be everywhere all of the time but the public can be.  Therefore the driver who is minded to be dangerous or reckless will know that 24/7 365 the driver in the vehicle next to them can take action which leads to enforcement against them.  This dramatically increases the deterrence to dangerous or reckless driving. There are other considerable benefits including crash investigation with the Dashcam recording vital evidence which helps to understand the nature of the collision.

I really appreciate the support of Nextbase to the AndyCox200km challenge and their support in general to road safety.’

For your chance to take part in this giveaway, simply donate to the fundraiser on JustGiving:

To be eligible, please:

  • ensure you don’t make your donation anonymously
  • tick the box that allows RoadPeace to contact you

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